How do i say it...

So you say your in love with me. you tell my friends and i that you've never had feelings for a girl until you met me. but when i heard you and jordan were "dating" i never wanted ANYTHING to do with you. then we hung out and actually talked they were just "rumors" so you say. and when we hung out i was keeping my phone from you and you took it and go mad at what i was talking about with this boy. well when i took your phone i found a naked pic of jordan. you know how bad you hurt me?? no you don't you say that you liked it "she has a hot body she sent it bc she knew i would like it and i did" well s**** you i never want to date you now. how can i trust you? i cant and i cant look at you or that dumb girl the same again. she's 16 and your almost 20 grow up and like girls your own age. I want to tell you bye but i don't know how i want to tell you i lost feelings for you but theres something there that i just can't...FML

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