Revenge on Teacher

I hold onto negative memories for very long. In fact, I could probably list one-hundred of them.

At least ten of them are because of my current English teacher. I want to get her kicked out of the school, but I'm such a goody-goody that my stomach tied a knot the last time I even tried to rip up a few of her notebooks, or steal something of hers.

A part of me wants revenge on her, but another part doesn't because I'd feel terrible about it. I know that.

And, that's my confession.

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  • You fawkin little s***. You're the reason why good looking teachers don't to be teachers. My friends always talked about making it with the hot teacher. We wouldn't tell if it did "NARC"

  • Join the club. When someone hurts you its hard to forget even after many years.

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