I like my friends mom

I have been talking to one of the guy`s i went to high school with mom on Facebook i knew. I felt something for her for a while then the other day while i was at work she came in with a tight dress looking hot and i got an erection should i ask her out and risk the friendship with her son i need advice

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  • Weird j*** off!
    today, was a kind day. kind because, i met a lotta people and i made out with one of them. i met ma childhood friends Erythia and Sam. then we went out for lunch and played some games in the park. then after they left i browsed some toon p*** and masturbated to it. it was also the fact that Erythia had turned into a beautiful woman, with nice burgundy dyed hair and nice and firm looking b**** and good amount of ass topped with all her white skin. i was in awe, when i saw her after(must have been around 4-5 years) a long time and was thoroughly overwhelmed to notice how curvaceous she had become. so basically i was jerking off to Erythia, watching hentai. how weird could it be! But wait, it ain't over! i dunno i must've been on a s** frenzy i guess. it was raining today and it felt quite cold. so i was wrapped in ma blanket and was feeling cozy and everything, when ma cat Mori jumped in the bed and started rubbing herself off my face. i dunno the warmth of the blanket, superimposed with the nice furry touch of my face and plus Erythia's voluptuousness, all in all made me go for one more shot. and so i came. i felt good and had a nice nap thereafter (as i had fallen asleep with all that buttery snug and intimacy). so i got up to find my hand inside my undies and all coated with the stickiness of the whitish cream and who esle but Mori sleeping beside me. but even after waking up i still had the image of Erythia's tight nipples and round bums in my mind. And yeah! she's got a tattoo down her waist which i had seen while she hauled herself down the see-saw.

  • This might work to keep both ends together. Obviously go for ur friends mom but before u do so make ur friend go for ur mom. If u swipe ur moms for s** then neither the moms nor their sons have any problem. I kno sounds weird but u r dealing with stuff like dat. Both u friends for moms would get big turn ons by watching each other humping & jumping on 2 set of younger c**** best of luck & f***

  • No, don't ask her out, let me f*** her first. I will kiss and lick her feet and her p****then I will f*** her hard. And you will have your friend.

  • Forget your friend. Do the mom. You and her son don't have a close friendship anyway.

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