Everything Can Change in an Instant

I went on a one month trip to Mexico for the first time. I am 16 and went with an aunt and a cousin. My parents are very religious and I couldn't believe they were letting me go. Well it's the last time they let me go anywhere. I got drunk almost everyday, made out with three guys, smoked, and gave lap dances to older men. I even made out with my aunts husband. He had taken me out to a bar and I cant remember how it all started. Two hours passed and I all I remember is him fingering me and grabbing me all over. I sucked his small ass d*** while he was texting his wife. Did I mention he just had a son? I loved my time in Mexico and I think I'm in love with this one guy. But I am having mixed feelings on men in general because of what happened with my uncle. I hate his guts. I tried to tell my parents and they don't believe me. Maybe that's because my dad doesn't want to ruin his business in Mexico with him. I don't see how I can move on from this when my own parents don't believe me. Yes I love parties, I love to drink, and have a smoke; and I won't apologize for it. Because while all you care about is the fact that you got embarrassed by me in front of your family; I needed you. I tried to open the door and get out. But what then? Who was I going to call? F*** I can't even speak Spanish fluently. My drinking is a way to forget about all of it. Forget that you don;'t believe me, forget that it happened in the first place, forget that I brought this upon myself. And that's where I'm at. Is it my fault I was molested?

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  • You are a s*** that was putting out and now you want to point fingers cause you're ashamed. No one molested you. You chose to drink and make out with all those guys and suck off your uncle. And according to your post you are still drinking and smoking and partying, is that also your uncles fault or your p*** poor decisions. Look in the mirror if you wanna point fingers.

  • NO - you were under the influence, and that a****** provided alcohol to a minor most likely to get you drunk so he could take advantage of you!

    Business or no business I would set my child's uncle on fire if my child told me he molested them / your parents are wrong to choose to ignore this!

    I'm sorry this happened to you, you are not alone !

    Please find someone you can talk to about this.

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