I'm falling for another woman.

I've been married to my wife for three years now, My whole family loves her and all my friends love her too, I couldn't be any luckier she's perfect... But... There has been a girl I work with who over the past few weeks I've gotten a little to close with. I find myself extremely attacked to her and I try and avoid her because of this. My primitive instincts bring me back to her though. During a weak moment I told her how I feel and turns out she feels the same way... I feel like a monster. I'm sick because of this and my anxiety is killing me . I need help

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  • You aren't sick, except maybe heartsick because you already know you are in love with the younger girl at work and you know that's where you're supposed to be. So be there. Go get with her.

  • Just do it! Go for the affair and see where it leads!

  • Please don't ignore the deep feelings you have for the girl at work: she could easily be your destiny. You need to explore that relationship and in a meaningful way, but at least for the time being, it has to be in a secret way. The girl at work obviously knows you're married, and it obviously doesn't matter to her, so she will be willing to keep things confidential for a while. So......get involved with her. Tell her exactly how you feel, and where you think the relationship could go, and then go with it. If it leads to your leaving your wife, it will be because it's the right thing, and the young girl at work will be the right one for you. Don't let the moralizers make you doubt yourself or the young girl at work. If the two of you are meant to be together, THAT WILL HAPPEN. From my perspective, it seems like a sure thing that the work girl was brought into your life for a reason: to make you happy (happier than your wife), and for you to make HER happy. Don't miss out on this opportunity that was placed right under your nose!!

  • Sounds like you married your wife because it was the right thing to do. You don't sound like you're in love with her.

    As for your co-worker, you're attracted to her. You're already having an emotional affair and is days from a physical one.The guilt will eventually lessen the more intense your affair is. Proceed but tread carefully. Just don't get either women pregnant.

  • I noticed you used the word "attacked" instead if attracted; trust me: THIS IS YOUR SUBLIMINAL MIND FOREWARNING YOU OF DISASTER. NOT ALL PRETTY PACKAGES ARE GOID INSIDE!!!!!!

    Don't do it - you will regret this! B**** probably get pregnant on you

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