I'm Chinese-German and I'm still studying in secondary school. I, me and myself literally hate Malaysia and Malaysians and so Malays. Know why?
1. I'm pretty famous in Facebook. Since I'm close with some Malay friends (girls), I don't know why at the moment a lot of Malay guys added me on Facebook. I accepted all the requests. I have 32 inboxes, all of them from MALAYS that recently added me. So when I opened the inbox and read all those messages, all of them were FREAKING FLIRTY, ANNOYING AND DIRTY. I thought Malays were good and clean but ALL OF THE MESSAGES I've received, we're all the same type of messages, is like ; "Nk kenal leh x?? You cantek lh" , "Mana awk tinggal?", "Nk jumpa you boleh? Jom wayang?, "Nak katil I tak?" , "I takde gf la, jadi gf I? I single nih". Even some of them were in a relationship and they thought I'm dumb. I f****** hate typical minded Malays and I'm freaking hate it so much I wanted to go back to my own country it's so much better than this pig styled country!
2. Malaysians sucks. I went to most of the shops, I went to everywhere, I explore the whole Malaysia, people be like whistling and looking at me rudely and you know what sucks? Looking at people is f****** rude you know that.
3. The freaking secondary school sucks. It sucks so much. Everybody in the school is f****** racist. When teacher asks to have a group work, it's only them and I'm alone all the time. They abandoned me like a piece a s*** on the road. I can't say longer. Just one word, I F****** HATE MALAYSIA. I F****** HATE MUSLIMS AND THEY ARE ALL RACIST. Trust me. They are all racist. Even kpop stars, (Muslims like kpop a lot most of them) they act like they know them all but indeed, they liked because of their handsome and pretty looks, not their songs or whatever s***.
4. Every morning I bath, I always thought I heard ghost whispering or singing BUT, ITS THE MALAY PIGS ( I called pig because Muslims hate pigs and always tease chinese BABI). (; It's the Malay pigs praying in the morning and it's so damn disturbing and scary. F*** you Muslims. F*** Malays. You all sucks and so your religion. You should show your religion (how strong how caring how nice) but you're all racist, typical minded, and not so nice. F*** Malaysia. No wonder other countries hate Malaysia a lot.

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  • Lol same fcking hate malays dont know whats their f****** problem their so annoying esp the kpop bullshit i f****** hate kpop as much as i hate them call me racist which i dont mind cause i am lol

  • Youre not forced to comes here and if dont like our people .Then go out the f*** of our country.agree?

  • Melayu b***'s are f****** lazy. The IQ of malays are at an all time low ever since the beginning of time. In Malaysia we term Malays as Bo*oh; they are familiar with this description. Every corner you roam it's normal seeing them loitering & doing nothing.

  • Islamophobia in Malaysia is definitely justifiable. Firstly, the constitution and the "sedition law" is an atrocity because it basically advocates supremacy and racism, giving many malays a sense of false superiority on other races and a false sense of entitlement. They keep presuming that they are the "originals" but abuse the rights of orang asli.

    Secondly, education in Malaysia is failing, especially in government schools. Petty fights over science and math being taught in Malay is ridiculous, teaching science and math in Malay will dumb down Malaysians and confine all further studies in Malaysia.

    As people associate Islam to Malays, and seeing them acting so hypocritically (most baby dumping cases, s** in schools, bullying, pickpocketing, s***** theft, riots, "Mat rempit illegal races and gang fights are from Malays) while preaching "Islamic morals" and having "special benefits" from the law will definitely make everyone angry. Malays need to have a reality check and understand that having "benefits" given to them on a plate will just make each generation lazier and dumber (this stereotype holds some truth) and Malaysians need to fight to change the seriously flawed constitution.

  • Damn, your English is atrocious! Other than that, I generally agree with you. Malaysians, Malays in particular are a hypocritical bunch. Pray 5 times a day, and then go out and seek for wifey no 2 and so on. And the staring is also a normal, yet irritating, trait. I usually stare right back until they look away. C**** the whole lot of them.

  • MALAYS are. No need to tie in with other non-Malays Malaysians. Yes, there are non-Malays Malaysians who are s*****, but compare to the Malays, they pale., because in Malaysia, they , Malays , have this Ketuanan Melayu concept, that mean "Lord of the Land". What social and in fact legal rules supposedly apply to ALL Malaysians DO not apply to them.

    All your description of pray 5 times seek wifey no 2 and so forth is the TRADEMARK traits of Malays because thay are Muslims (and your description fits that of Muslims). You think other non-Malays Malaysians can do that?

  • Yeah f**** the f****** malay

  • L**** f*** you you Islamophobia b****. Being half German doesn't make you any better than the Malysian. You are just the same as them. Same look, same eyes looolz :&

  • Your people f****** disgusting only can fight with 50 people on their side alone ur f****** puki ass pee ur pants and u all cant fight so f*** ur race

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