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Hi guys...i'm 27 yrs old. i met a guy doing phd recently, about five months ago, and he's very nice loves me a lot and cares about me...but some time ago i found a text on his phone from his supervisor who is a woman. she says he is her best friend and hence send him texts saying i love u like a brother.... i found the messags very recently and when i asked him why he didnt tell me about her before he told me its because i envy her which is very true. (she teaches me some subjects and humiliats me for things i dont do) anyways i wanted to breakup but he wouldn't let me, so he went to her and told her everything. she called me to her room and told me that she loves him a lot but like a brother. so i let t go trusting my boyfriend because i didnt find any msgs he sent. but shes not letting him go like, she wants to know when he goes hom, he has to answer her calls reply her long msgs she sents (like shes sending to her huband). i have got to know that her relatonship wid her husband is also not good. i trust my bf but these dramas are killing me, he tried to ignore her and befriend her for my sake but she would threaten that she wouldnt let him carryon wid his wrk....and now shes sayn stuff to him telling him not to tell me.....he comes and tells me what shes sayn but i dont if hes tellin me evryth...please tell me what to do...

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  • Invite her and have threesome

  • Agreed with comment below. Run and never look back! This guy is playing you. You're not happy now with him and it's only been 5 months. He's proving to be dishonest to you. He won't stand up to his supervisor, and she should not be part of your relationship. Do you really want to hear about her all the time? Those text message have been going on for a long time. Break up. You can do better. He doesn't respect you. And yes, when you say you want to break up, you make sure he understands that means no more dating, no more contact.

  • I'm surprised you are still with him. I would've left after she told you she loves him like a brother but won't stop texting him like his gf. Read this situation by their actions, not based on what they say. It says he's willing to risk your relationship for her. If you don't know what to think emotionally, use logic. You're miserable, he doesn't want to change, and they're ganging up on you. Your choice.

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