I believe ISIS are run by a government

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  • The jews run things and stir up ** everywhere they go. Made Adolph hitler look like **. Now their after bill Cosby. Look up the greatest story never told on you tube. Your opinions on hitler will change

  • I would like to have a beer with uncle hitler. I'm English,but I'm sure we'd bond over our love of blondes and German shepards

  • Hitler was a evil man who kiled thousands. No way you look at it he will never be a good man. The jews are like every other religion and although i am not jew what you are saying is highly offensive and if you think Hitler was in the right then you are just as lost in the darkness as he was.

  • Millions died

  • In my opinion, there are only two things which separate the Taliban in the Middle East and Baptist Religious Right Republicans: 1. The Atlantic Ocean; 2. The Baptist haven't started with violence - YET !

    Both desire to dominate the entire world with THEIR RELIGION as the rule of law.
    Both share the same UNGODLY and UNSCRIPTURAL HATE for anyone who does not agree their narrow theological doctrines.
    Both are Religious ONLY as it relates in their denomination's inaccurate interruptions of scripture and the Quran.
    Both use theology to justify bigotry, prejudice, discrimination and GODLESS hate.
    The Taliban uses violence and intimidation as a means to FORCE others to accept their incorrect interruption of the Quran.
    The Baptist Religious Right Republicans use the GOP to LEGISLATE their Baptist doctrines on everyone, including Christians who do not share their interruption of scripture.
    Both are the same - EVIL, and ANYTHING BUT...messengers or the voice of GOD....or Allah.
    NEITHER are run by any government. They are run by EVIL RELIGIOUS ZELOTS who WANT TO RUN THE GOVERNMENT and control the world.

  • No not every Christian or Muslim is evil and wants to take over the world. You people talk about rights and how we (religious) are forcing our religion on you but you do the same and its not fair. Religikn is like race some people are racist and take things too far others are civil and even have friends,family,lovers fro. Another race. So please shut up and grow up. Have a nice day and may God be with you :)

  • Yea. US govt. and IRan. Duh.

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