Jasmine pais jaz

My name riya,Friends this is real incident of my friend jaz pais,we both are friends sharing every matter, as a confession I want to share in you all people,we need your suggetion also, because of a big missuderstanding my friend jaz seperated a couple, she made differences between them and made as they broke in love relation, after that she realised she did mistake. But everything was over nothing in her control, they both are starting to hate each other, jaz start to feel guilty for her mistake,she try to unite them both with different person, dont know its punishment or coincident same time she lost her family in car acsident..after she went in a counceling and a pastor told to confess in both couple and make them uniting again. Jaz,me and a pastor tried to made the couple unite..but it was out of control..both are in pain but now they are hating each other..they may dont know who is involved in this..now jaz is completely changed and joined bethany sisters studies..but stil she feeling guilty for seperating two loving people more then everyone, because of privacy we cant able to directly contact in both, friends please suggest what can we do to made then unite? Jaz did right or wrong? What she can do now? As her best frind I can do any help to her?Please good comment only

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  • Quite interesting

  • Awakened

  • Honest confession

  • Its fr.hermen, child u already committed sin nd got punishment for it also, best thing is again you try to unite them, but may be now its not in your hand, but a thing can surely do for dem, just pray for dem

  • Confession is good but its adorable

  • S*** s*** s*** s***

  • Keep try til Dey come together,no other way

  • The best part is you confessed all thing

  • Never heard before,very painful story

  • Painful story awwwww

  • ?? ??

  • Confess , god will forgive you

  • Yur friend got punishment for her mistake already,yur sin be forgiven

  • Awful story

  • Riya you r goin on right side

  • Jeez forgive their sin

  • OMG very sad ??

  • Freaking...

  • Revenge is not solution sissy , confess confess til they understand the fact

  • Your friend must have to think before it.

  • Awww touchy

  • Im totally agree with last commented person

  • Guys why u people using bad word for her,at least she confessed her mistake..in u there is thousand peoples there who seperated ,give her good suggestion instead of using bad word..my dea friend you just try to come close to the couples. If they come together god forgive you. You will stop to feel guilty

  • Luv luv wtf luv

  • Stuborn gal .. Unite them they frgiv u

  • Blah blah blah go confess in them daghter of eve

  • S*****..

  • Mad gal..go giv dem a bj

  • Insted f posting her go confeas nd find a lyf

  • Doing before such a s*** things think about that two people,how much they may suffered becz of your friend,

  • After gave pain to sumone and joined any community ,her sin not be forgiven ask sorry in them, and made as they c** together

  • Crazy crap. Find out them and try to unite may be you got forgiveness in it, don't disturb them again, evr u thought how much pain they bered? You crap

  • Dont hurt others for you a sake

  • Go and confess

  • You did such a nasty thing

  • Go hold their leg

  • Go and hold their leg

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