I don't know what I did

I got back in touch with an old flame after years. We e-mailed and then spent the whole night on the phone once. I was up front about the fact that I had a boyfriend I was planning to leave. I sent the ex a few texts to no response after we spoke. Waited a few days then asked if he was free to talk in two nights, got a weird response. So I text him I am confused and that I was just looking for some support. He sends me an angry text that is cryptic at best , then "drunk e-mails" me at four that morning. Figured something was up his way, or maybe he had a girl now, though he said he didn't, so I sent a short but catty reply to the drunk mail and left well enough alone. I was just lookin to get my friend back (despite what happened years ago) and I thought everything was cool. Now it has been weeks since the e-mail and no news. I feel like I blew it. I was soo happy to hear from him, and my recent ex and I split over unrelated issues, and I thought I made it clear I did not leave because of him. I don't get it at all, I cannot seem to just let this drop and I feel like I did something horrible or something.

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  • ^ hehe

  • ^ Give the southern r***** an "A" for effort.

  • oh, and first commenter?

    mebbe= MAYBE
    ur= YOU'RE
    repulsiv= REPULSIVE

    go back to elementary school

  • you didn't do anything wrong.

    you don't need someone that flighty and confusing in your life anyway!

  • mebbe ur just repulsiv lol

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