I made out with him.

I almost never drink, but I went to a party a few nights ago and got fairly drunk. I met my sister and her boyfriend's friend for the first time. We made out for a little while and he felt me up a bit. I'm ashamed of myself, but I also really want to get drunk and make out with more people. I think this is what loneliness does to a person.

Dec 29, 2012

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  • It happens. I work from home and sometimes go to a local sports bar for lunch. One of the bartenders who works days is a long time friend, and, she tends to keep me there for hours, so, I end up getting fairly well toasted sometimes (though I usually leave before that point).

    Went for lunch a few months ago, on a basic, work Tuesday, ate, and drank for quite a bit. Started chatting with a middle-aged, bit too much makeupped, peurto rican woman a few seats away, she moved next to me, we drank some more, and her long-nailed fingers made their way up my leg beneath the bar. Only kissed a few times at the bar, but, soon as we left, made out like h*** in my car. Just one of those things. My hands were all over her, too.

  • I slept with my boss two days ago ;)
    he's married with two children.

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