I feel like a class A1 nobody

I've been fired six times and kicked out of a restaurant forever. Most of this happened during the space of ten years.

In addition to being fired I've been laid off four times. I've never been able to work at the same place more than ten years.

I barely got through high school and I flunked out of college.

I don't feel its entirely my fault. I have asthma, spinal scholiosis and a personalty disorder that interferes with my short term memory.

I've been screamed at, cussed out, fired and assaulted.

I don't have a drug or alcohol problem but youd think I was doped up or drunk all the time.

I'm too old to work anymore. I have social security and some money my sweet old money had saved for me and a paid for house.

If it had not been for the support of my family I'd be dead in a cardboard box in an alley and thats if I was lucky.

I'm obviously depressed and I often wish I was dead.

I go to a psychiatrist but he isn't helping much. I have no faith in religion.

My two best friends are dead and I wish it was me instead of them.


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  • You need a companion - or a Labrador retreiver

  • Lady I feel your pain. I do charity work. I read to abused children and some very old adults. I do appreciate what I have. Good luck to you.

  • I am a single mom who works her ass off to barely get by, I live in an apt and my car engine light had been on for 2 months but I can't afford to fix it. I wish I had a paid for house. Get a pet,a hobby, see a therapist! If you don't appreciate what you have - spend a day feeding the homeless at a homeless shelter.

  • You have a house? Its more than what i have. Im sure you deserved to get fired too. So quit feeling sorry for yourself. As for wishing death upon yourself. Sometimes its the best option. I dont promote it but certain people dont deserve to live. You have to judge for youself.

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