Our life style

My husband and I live the "Hotwire" lifestyle. It initially was my husbands idea. Find another man that can sexually please me. My husband had the direct input in find I get the right man. Before I go on I must say I love my husband very much. We just don't have s**.

Anyway after we found the right man we started living this lifestyle. There are certain rules. Like for example he must always wear a condom and my lover can't sleep around. There are other rules but to be honest we've stopped following them.

I let the man do what he wants to me when he wants to me, this includes 1. never wearing condoms 2. No holes barred 3. Having other men, sometimes as many as 4 at one time have s** with me

I've gotten pregnant once (had an abortion) and had two minor STDs (all cured) in the past year. Even with all that the thrill of being married and being naughty behind my husband gives me a high I can't get anywhere else.

I've gotten the biggest thrills with coming home and having s** with my husband while still full with the s**** of 2+ other men, using that as lubrication and kissing him while the taste of another mans genitals are on my lips.

Most recently my lover has been bringing me to local s** clubs and charging men to have s** with me. Mostly a*** s** with complete strangers. Knowing these men are willing to pay to have s** with me is so amazing!

My husband started me on this path, when I started my husband was the only man I had s** with, he thinks I've had 2 s** partners but the count is now 15 and growing. Soon my lover wants me to try women too.

Oct 11, 2015

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  • Damm , perfect marriage, you are an awesome couple, love to getting pregnant part as you let other men do what they want, i love the same of my wife she too has got knocked up, we still love each other very much.

  • Don't lose your soul while you'r being used . your worth more than you think.

  • I love a good s***, that's why I married one I love to watch her getting f***** hard, sucking c*** swallowing the c** of other men.

  • I love this. I'm planning to write my story some time next week. I also get very excited having s** with more than one man in the same day. The thought of the next one turns me on. The thought of the last one turns me on. Have a good time!

  • How will we know it's your confession though???? :)

  • 'Hotwire'? *facepalm*

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