My close friend's husband is definitely a gld, good looking dad! I have a strong sexual attraction to him and I think he knows it. There has always been somewhat of a "vibe" between he and i. I believe he is intrigued by my slightly naughty past which involved "dancing". I have come close several times to making the first move but timing was not right. We live only a few blocks apart, but I rarely see him. I think his wife, my friend, is aware of this attraction but has never mentioned it. I feel guilty at times ,but the feelings for him are stronger than the guilt. Just want to take him and bang his brains out! Hopefully soon. Maybe for Christmas instead of our usual hug.

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  • How old are you? This post is a bit old, so have you f***** him yet?

  • What kind of "dancing"?

  • Ballroom, you dumb ass!

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