Mom/daughter combo

Anybody ever done a mom and daughter back to back? I recently had the extreme pleasure of experiencing this first hand. not at the same time mind you, but about 2 hours apart. two weekends ago, me and my 38 year old girlfriend of 6 months had our regular Saturday morning fun before she left for work. actually, it was anything but regular. she looks and F**** like a college cheerleader. after she left, I watched a few minutes of p*** on her laptop Before turning my attention elsewhere. Her teenage daughter was asleep in her room just down the hall. I decided to try something I had always wanted to do, but could never get up the nerve. I made my way down the hall and into her room where she was still sleeping. I made my way down the hall and into her room where she was still sleeping. I began to softly stroke her hair until she woke up to find me standing at her bedside In my boxer shorts. I jokingly asked, may I join you? she replied, through a sleepy grin, Are you crazy? I moved my hand down to her neck and shoulders and sat down on the bed beside her. she nervously asked, is mom here? no, I replied as I moved my hand slowly down around her waist. She giggled, "are you serious "? She playfully hesitated and pushed my hand away as I tried to slide it under her t-shirt. Couldn't help but notice her white lacy panties. At this point, my D*** was already rock hard. She continued resisting as my hand continued to explore her mid section. She finally and reluctantly allowed me to feel her small perky t*** through her t-shirt. Her nipple became hard almost instantly. "What if mom comes home" she repeated. I eased her mind as I began to try and slip my hand under her shirt , complimenting her on how hot she looked. Almost as a reflex, I suddenly and decisively placed my other hand between her legs near her crotch. This time, she grabbed my wrist but did not push it away. Again she remarked laughingly, "you are crazy". I continued telling her what a hot body she had,and how turned on I was. I finally was able to work my hand into her crotch, her legs still tightly closed. Wedging my hand Between her legs ,I began stroking her soft little p**** through her panties, focusing on her c***. At this point her resistance was no longer an issue. Although she still had a firm grip on my wrist, she made no attempt to pull it away. It was quite obvious that she was quickly becoming aroused. Her legs now slightly parted as she arched her back and pulled her pillow over to partially cover her face. Now that her half hearted defenses were down, I pushed her t-shirt up to expose her firm,perky t***.she squirmed a little as pulled her panties to the side and slowly inserted my finger into her tight little p****. She had now released my wrist.After a few minutes of finger f****** her, she relaxed and began to moan softly. Still paying her sexy comments, I layed down beside her and began rubbing my throbbing d*** against her. As I rolled over on top of her, her shapely tanned legs now spread widely apart, she placed one hand on my back pulling me closer to her, while her other hand still firmly gripped the pillow covering her face. I didn't even bother to remove her panties, instead pulling them to the side again, and slowly sinking 9 inches of rod in her,that only 2 hours earlier had been buried in mommy dearest. It was obvious that she had never had a man's D*** in her, maybe a few high school boys. So tight! Go slow, she said. So I did at first, each stroke a little deeper. By now she was so wet and h****, she was taking it all, moaning and whimpering the whole time. I could tell she was about to get her cookies, "possibly for the first time", so I waited for her. As her body Began to shutter, I could tell she was close. Her moaning was now constant . Just as she finally "got there", I dumped what seemed like a quart of c** inside her! P.S. she's a screamer, just like her mom!

Nov 1, 2015

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  • Mum 26 daughter 10, really had no interest in mum when I was getting 10 yr old p****

  • Just the 10 y old for me, I would have hercunt full ofcum 24/7

  • I sometimes have my mum and my daughter at the same time, rammin one puss for 2 or 3 minutes then ramming the other. They are both lesbians and enjoy each other.

  • You will be good for both of them

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