35 today

That today I turned 35. I have four miraculous little ones and a great husband. He took me to dinner tonight and told me to go get a mani/pedi for a gift. No card. No cake. Nothing special. I'm laying in bed next to him snoring while I nurse our daughter feeling very discontent. And selfish for feeling that way. I go to great lengths to make birthdays special for others. And nothing for me.

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  • Kill your babies!!!

  • Wow. You are spoiled. I wish someone would do that for my birthday. But I'm happy to just spend time with love ones... he probably put a lot of thought into it and thought that's what you like...

    Anyways, tell him so he knows next time. You can't expect him to be a mind reader... smh. Happy belated Birthday.

  • Sometimes us guys do stupid s***. Happy Birthday anyway!

  • Cuck!

  • Go out and get your leg over!

  • Happy Birthday! So here's a question. So after dinner and a mani/pedi gift..Would a card and cake really make a whole lot of difference? What is "Special" to you? What's the definition, or maybe what was your expectation? How was this birthday different from other other birthdays you have shared? Has he always been like this - meaning he remembers but doesn't think of everything? or is this something new - that he's gone all out? Would you have preferred that he bought you a card and cake, but no dinner? Guys are terrible mind readers. If a card and a cake are really important to you, then you have to tell him. You're concentrating on what you didn't get, instead of what you did. A lot of women, make more of an effort for celebrations than some men. And if you feel that shafted, maybe for his birthday you tone it down. You know who you married.. But if that's what you wanted, then you may have married the wrong man.

  • You sound ungrateful, he did give you the pedi but that doesn't seem like it's enough. Paying bills, providing a home, vehicles. .....oh that's his job. I'm starting to hate American women

  • I use to get nothing! My now ex doesn't pay child support, (his share of our child's medical expenses) which are costly right now BRACES, or give him a damn thing. He doesn't take him anywhere or even try.
    Your husband at least hasn't abandoned you like so many do!

    Guys are not the best party planners - and I would love pedicure.

    Sorry hon, but girls are the best gift givers.

    Remember, at least he is there!

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