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I am at my breaking point, I hate being a dad, I hate being a husband, I hate everything about my life. I have been sick for four years, going on five, I've been in the hospital 136 weeks in four years. I'm tired. I'm wore out. My kids do nothing but take, steal instead of asking. Break things then deny it. Debt my truck, and deny it.

I wore out. My wife talks and talks about her job but if I try to talk about things that interest me or what I did through out my day, she don't want to hear it. I feel trapped. I hate my life. I want out, even if it means dying. I'd rather be dead than to go on living like this.

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  • Those are your kids. They are a reflection of how you and your wife raised them. If you don't like how they behave, then you and your wife need to do something about discipline. If you need to reconnect with your wife and or that your needs aren't being met, you need to speak up. You sound very passive in all of this. And wanting out..can't be an option. You need to dig deep and find the fight again. Sorry that your sick, but your family needs you ..as much as you dislike them..they are your family. You created them. You don't like it? Figure out a way to change it..

  • You're tired! Kids can be trying but their your kids keep telling them what is right from wrong - sometimes it takes 1,000,001 times for them to get it.
    Write your feelings down and mail it to your wife - you need a break (vacation) understanding and some help from her!
    Good luck and god bless!

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