I have it bad for the neighbor across the street

I am 25yo and married. My neighbor that lives across the street from me must be in her mid to late 40's. I assume she is single, I have seen over the past few months several different guys coming and going. She dresses to get noticed, short skirts, heels, tops that barely contain her ample b****** and a bit of w**** red #5 lipstick to seal the deal.

I know it's trashy especially from a woman of her age group, but honestly I f****** like it and I like looking at her. When she pulls into the driveway the highlight of my day is to watch unload the trunk of her car with whatever she has brought home from the store. To see her bend over and see that short skirt come up the backs of those sexy legs is just so nice to look at.

There is no doubt she is aware of it because she always glances to my side of the street to see if anyone is drooling. Sometimes I wish I had an excuse to go over and talk with her and yes the idea of letting her know I was interested in taking her to bed.

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  • I had a downstairs neighbor like that (2 apartment place..I was upstairs, she was downstairs) several years ago. Hot as h***, blonde biker-babe type. Could be just as sexy being biker chick as she was short, tight-skirted and snug button-down shirt tucked in professional. I admit, I watched her all the time.

    Many times, I'd see her from my kitchen window, and find an excuse to head downstairs (think I threw trash about 20 times per week) just to chat with her and eye her up closer. She was in her early 40s, and I was in my mid-20s, but I felt a connection with her, and she knew I watched her, at least sometimes. Probably not as much or often as I actually did.

    She did play it up a lot, leaning into the back of her car, exposing that marvelous ass directly towards me, while getting a bag or something, and, as we had a small hill behind the place, laying out to tan in Summertime. I had her weekend schedule down to a science. When she'd leave to do laundry (requiring bending into her trunk to put baskets inside), when she'd tan on nice days..

    When I moved out, we said goodbye and chatted, but I never let on that..I'd always just wanted to have at her..

  • I had one of those several years ago. Her name was Janice, a mother of two and in her mid 40's. Janice had the body and the looks and she knew it. Very
    seldom did Janice ever dress down, especially if she was going out in public.

    The only time I ever saw Janice "not" wearing heels was when she would be
    doing a bit of yard work. If she was going out, heels and a skirt that was over
    the knee for sure.

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