I and my friends went to a parade during a town fiesta. when i suddenly notice that my guy friend is looking at my t***! it's so strange that i easily get turned on. then i let go of the idea. we watched the parade as it is.then i notice him coming closer to me but i don't mind since we're friend. i can actually feel that he is rubbing his biceps on my left b*** in an "accidental manner". i felt h**** by that. then he suddenly whispered to my ear if will it be okay for me to let him explore my body, and i told him its okay. we used his motor jacket to cover our front side of the body as if we are just sharing the jacket. he placed his hand inside my shirt and play with my right b***. it made me even hornier so i grab him to the nearest and safest place to do the act. we got 2 rounds and we kept it a secret to our friends

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  • The only way it would have been more fun was to invite another one of your gf's to join you with him!

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