I'm 31, still shapley but getting much more...curvy. In fact, I'm recently packing on the pounds. I'm a chane smoker, drink 8-10 margaritas a day, and dropped out of hi school. Havin a great time. No job. My boy friend loves me and has a good paying job that supports my habits. He is OK, and I like f****** him, but defenetly don't love him. We get along good, tho. Recently he asked me to marry him and I said yes. What the h***. He supports my expensive habits and I like f****** him. How perfect. Now I won't have to try to keep my figgur. Happy fat pounds, here I come.



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  • What was it like being pushed with a old b****** of 46 when I was 16 by samantha (car yard s*** and her old mom vivian?) who set up for this ugly old woman of a man to go out with me? awful. he literally looked like a prince charles illigitamate dirty love child and acted so efaminate it was like he was a girl poofy woofy. and his mother was a stupid old s*** and the sister was a s***.

    he should have been up on pedo charges. I mean to me, kylie minogue is just dating a pedo in prince andrew and she is a pedo herself. I bet she is.

  • If this is true, you're a messed up individual that serves no purpose in life. You're a disgusting, deceptive s***. This guy deserves more than you will ever give him. F****** b****.

  • You are a prostitute.. Selling your body for money.

  • Please don't have children. Get your tubes tied.

  • Diee b****

  • You are what's wrong with the world.

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