49 year old married woman I became enamored with

My wife had A.D.D. and could be easily influenced. We were married when we were both 20 years old. I was so naïve and didn't know of her A.D.D. when we were newlyweds, and we just sorta figured things out with her weaknesses. About (5) years into our marriage, we were living in Los Angeles, California, and she went on a "Girls Weekend" to La Jolla, California with co-workers. While there, many of the younger women were drinking and dancing with guys even though they were married ( my wife was gorgeous, and got whistled and had remarks made to her on the street quite often). One of the younger women suggested bringing a guy or two back to their rooms. My wife who doesn't drink, caved to "Peer Pressure" and stayed and watched while some of the women had s**. Then she started getting urged by her co-workers to "have some fun". Again choosing to take the easy way out of the "peer pressure" she gave one of the two guys a b****** (she confessed this to me years later). I forgave her. Fast forward 20 years, and I'm in Boulder building a new home for us while my wife continues to work in L.A. as a teacher. I was only gone (3) months, and when I returned for her mothers funeral all I got was a hearty handshake. I was anxious to be alone with my wife, but she kept making excuses etc. I could tell there was something wrong, but she wouldn't say what it was. It took (2) months for things to spill out, but she would never tell me the whole truth or any of the details, other than to say, that while I was in Colorado, a male teacher at the High School flirted with her repeatedly, and at the same time her younger sister and she stated hanging out and going to Hollywood and on other adventures, and I'm guessing my wife got to wondering what she had missed getting married at 20 years of age, so when this teacher continued flirting with her (she was still extremely hot at 49 years of age), she and he shared lunches at school and then he asked her to dinner (knowing I was in Colorado), and at some point, she caved again to "Pressure" (plus she would get really h**** at times), and they began a physical relationship. When I returned, she was so guilt ridden, that she never felt like having s** with me for over (2) months. When we did, she finally broke down and told me of her dalliance. But again her guilt was so great, that it became a barrier between us. She and I tried counseling, but she dropped out rather than disclose the whole truth. That was (9) years ago, and I stayed in the marriage until our youngest went to college, I moved permanently to Boulder in 2010.

That summer of 2010, while walking the dog at a small lake here in Boulder, Co. I met a 49 year old woman doing the same. We and others were watching a fire that had began just west of Boulder. She was so beautiful and sweet. We talked to over 3 hours about everything under the sun. I walked her back to her car and really wanted to kiss her, but she extended her hand, and for the first time I saw a ring on her hand, and I asked if she was married, cuz it was just a simple thing silver band. She said yes, and commented on the softness of my hands, and said her husband was in construction and his hands were rough. We parted with a hug, and exchanged emails and phone numbers.

I wrote her and told her how wonderful the afternoon had been, and when she replied, she wrote that she had felt alone for many years, and abandoned by her husband as he enjoyed his friends. She confided that she thought he might be having an affair. and she wrote that I had stirred feelings in her that she had not felt in a long time, and that she "was going out on a limb to confess that she "might want to be more than just friends". We met again at the same lake the following day, I was waiting as she approached me on the far side of the lake away from everyone, and I could see that her nipples were aroused. We sat alone for hours and talked so easily. I wanted to tell her that I was aroused the whole time we were talking, but I was still married and was suffering the moral consequences should I exploit our desires. I didn't want her to feel burden of guilt, so I said we could never have s**.

We enjoyed (3) months of seeing each other nearly every day either out somewhere, or she would come buy my home. Then she got a job, and if became difficult for her to have an excuse to leave her home so we could see each other.

I think the pressure and guilt got to her and on Valentines Day, she said she had slipped up, and that her husband was suspicious, and she couldn't see me any more. It's been (4) years, and I'm still so enamored of her, that though I've tried online dating several times, I've never found anyone that I was so comfortable with (like with her), to have s**. Plus, the online thing seemed to be married women. Now I'm wondering was I fool not to abandon my moral code with the "Lake Woman" ? Will I ever feel a woman's body laying atop me in the throes of an o*****?

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  • In my college days,I started dating married or attached women. The excitement about the whole affair thing was so powerful that ever since then,I gravitate towards married women more than single ones. The issue with you is that you were overwhelmed by morals.The woman was never yours anyway,as she was married. Given that she did not have a job but her hubby did,she needed that financial security and could not have given that up for you;she was just jobless,bored and you were a seasonal fun outlet. All affairs come to an end one way or another. You simply need to pray and find a woman available to you and enjoy the rest of your life. My friend had a wife in another country.She had a baby and while processing to have her join him,DNA test on the baby revealed that the baby was not his. The wife confessed that she had been having an affair with the headmaster and the baby was his.My friend had build her an apartment building for her to manage.The marriage dissolved.

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