I used to work the streets

When i was 17, i moved out my parents house into my antys who worked nights, she lived near a red light distict, and ine night walking back to the flat i got asked how much? i was flattered but insulted but when i got back i was really turned on, the next night i delibratly walked back through the street but instead wearing jeans and a hoodie, i wore a skirt heels and b*** tube, not halfway down the street a car stopped and the guy asked how much? and i was surprised he was obvioauly rich, older like 40 but still fit, i asked how much he had, he offered 30quid for a b******, i got in, he drove down the road for abit gave me the money, felt my t*** as i sucked him off, he came in my mouth and i swallowed, after that he dropped me off and i got asked again by another simular aged guy in a people carryer, earned 70 quid for him to f*** me in his back seat,
i did this for about 2 months or so and by then i moved in with my boyfriend so it all stopped

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  • What other outfits did you wear? was there any that were popular?

  • Mostly a conbo of short skirts, tank tops, high heel etc

  • Whats the most you had in one night?

  • 6 seprate punters

  • Any at same time?

  • Yea a few

  • Good girl, id pay you for s**

  • Id did this once, I was on my way home and missed the bus. As I walked a car pulled up and asked how much, without thinking I said £40, he agreed and we drove to am industrial estate and he f***** me, to my surprise I had an o*****, which I don't normally have from just a f***. Then got a taxi home

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