Cheater got cheated

It was six years ago... I met my kind of a girl in college.. I was Instantly attracted to her and so as she.. We spoke a lot spent lot of time together.. (I was definitly not looking for a relationship with her, i was just looking for s**) When i got too close she confessed to me that she already have a boy friend.. I was relieved thinking that she will never trap me emotionally.. I continued with her.. At one stage we started having s** and it turned regular.. I used to go her home 3 times a week and have s** all day.. Her parents will not be at home most of the time.. I was enjoying every moment i spent with her. I know i am doing a terrible thing by stealing someone's girl friend, but i never worried about him. All i want is s**. Suddenly she started avoiding me. She wont pick my call or give a call back.. When i asked, she told me that i was just using her for s** and i am a bad person. At that point i realised that i fell deep into her and i was really in love with her.. Her boy friend came to know about us. He read the sluttery text msgs i sent her. They fought, he got depressed and took treatment. I was trying hard to get her back.. Spent lot of time and effort to gain her trust and i finally in won.. She started comjng back to me( may be her bf fights with her a alot because she cheated on him with me) we got so close.. S** was great that before.. It was mixed with love and emotion.. I was in heaven.. Karma is a b****.. i came to know that she was having an affair with another person other than her bf.. I was broke.. But continued with her.. As time passes i lost feelings for her.. I moved to USA.. She got married to the other person whom she cheated me with.. I got married to a lovely women.. I STILL BLEED IN MY HEART WHEN I THINK ABOUT HER BF.. I did a terrible thing to him.. I got the taste of my own medicine..

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