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I am not a saint, far from it, I have been active for a long time. But I got it in the butt, I was called a b****, after he finished with me he slapped my butt real hard. When I was pulling myself together he grabbed my butt again and he told me he would f*** my butt anytime I wanted. Later when we went to bet breakfast he put his arm around me in a head lock and told me that he liked a b**** with a tight ass.

I can't get him out of my mind, I adopt the position, he calls me a b**** in front of other people, at a club he had me go down on him in the booth. He puts his hand down my top and pinches my nipples. And when he tells me to adopt the position, I adopt the position and get reamed again. He f***s my p**** too, but if he needs to impress upon me he has me adopt the position.

Guys like this have always turned me off, but he has me, I can't walk away, When he slaps my ass all it does is make me want it more, especially on my bare butt. When he slaps my bare butt I get real wet and can't wait for it. I am not at all like this in real life, only with him and he knows it.

Dec 6, 2015

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