Boss's Wife

I've been working for my current boss for close to 10 years now and he is very difficult to work with because of his arrogance! When it gets very difficult the way I continue it to think about his wife. I have been having s** with her for almost 4 years now. S** with my wife is much better but I can't seem to stop with the other woman!
She is very inexperienced and a lot of the normal things I do are very new to her! Fingering to o*****, oral, multiple positions, strange places and the amount of time we actually have s** before I c** has lead her to have sessions with many o******.
She has described my boss and two and out! That's what makes working with him bareable, I know that I'm a s** God when compared to him!

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  • You are as bad as him. So don't look after peoples fault and forget about yourself fuckboy

  • I'm a woman who worked for a b**** female boss several years ago. Like yours, mine was arrogant and a general s***-stain. So, I would get back at her by sleeping with her husband. She never knew, of course, but it was such an amazing feeling to mount her husband and to know I was taking him from her, even if it was only for a time. They eventually divorced, and I was part of the reason. I love what you're doing and I say......KEEP IT UP!

  • I'm doing the same thing right now and have been for about 2 yrs.

  • Your just a s***

  • Lmao you clearly were lonely & no one wanted to date an ugly old women inside and put like you. Burn in h***

  • There's really not much that's sexier than the illicit thrill of having an affair with your boss's spouse, so exciting and taboo and nasty. Knowing every day your at work that his wife is spreading it for you and that you can have her any time you want because she wants you more than him because your so much better than him! Great fun!

  • .....totaly hot................

  • I think what you're doing is sexy as all h***! Damn, I love the way you're using his wife! Secret revenge! Don't ever stop!

  • If "s** with your wife is better," why not leave another man's wife? Supposing your wife starts "opening legs " for her boss or boss' husband or some other men? Supposing she says that her boss is arrogant? You can see that you don't have any excuse to cheat on your wife, repent of this behavior!

  • Your boss is "arrogant" and what are you? You are a "W****"! It is always easy to find other people's faults while being blind to one's faults!

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