No Hope

Ive lost all hope in humanity. im usually into the sick and twisted but i came across a site in the deep web that shows we probably do live with demonic presences . humans are truly the most f***** species. If there is a god he aint f****** here. we are allowed to kill kangaroos and possums harming our nature yet not pedos harming our kids. this system we live in needs to change...ARRGGHHHHHH!!!

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  • This is what's fun about humanity. You never know what will happen. There is no way of predicting it.

  • If there is a god, what if god isn't a male. What if god is a female. No one truly knows. What if there isn't a god?

  • Humanity is lost

  • I agree.We're lost and we aren't deserving,
    of being saved.

  • There needs to be firing squads for pedophiles

  • Hugs xoxo

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