The Football Bully

It was my first day of 9th grade (I had been going since 6th), and I was in my study hall, and there was this guy. He was kind cute (all the pop. girls LOVE him), but I didn't really know him (and it was his first year at the school). He would continually look at me during passing time, and he would sit next to me in math class and in study hall. I thought it was a little weird, but I decided to go with the flow. Soon enough, we started talking to each other, and became friends REALLY fast (and that also raised my attention). We would joke about everything, help each other on our homework, and I would give him advice about being at my school. I have a history of being REALLY hyper and crazy sometimes, and I kept it tolerable. The third day after we started to talk, he asked me to go to his football game. I had never gone to a football game before, and even though I didn't know any of the rules, I told him that I would have to ask my parents.
I went to his football game, and our team had won. All smiles, laughs, and sweaty hugs. He was almost obsessed with me, and I could tell that the other girls were getting jealous. After the game, he had given me another best-friends-forever-even-though-I-am-soaked-in-sweat-I-wanna-give-you-another-hug- hey-here's-my-family-so-smile-because-they-all-think-you're-cool hug. I had totally missed him over that weekend. I thought he was going a little too fast, but I still didn’t have enough evidence to disapprove of him. However, my BFF had asked him if he was going to ask me out behind my back, and I had learned of it a week later.
I had gone back to school the following Monday; I was walking through the halls, he had spotted me, and had pulled me aside to give me another hug. It was still a little surprising; I still went with the flow. And soon enough, people though we were dating. We had to steer them towards the truth: we were only friends, but only got "What friend gives their friends hugs?" Every day that we were there, I'd get a regular morning hug from him, and then we would be on our way to our class. After a few weeks, he had told me that he's getting tired of the dating questions from everybody, and he had told me that I had told people that we were dating. However, this was the exact opposite, and I had told him that I knew that it for sure wasn't me. I had been getting the same kind of feedback from others, I had told him. I said that he should try and make his point clear, and to just avoid them. It was a small school, and there's always someone who twists the story to make drama.
My friends would stalk us when we were talking, and then start giggling. He thought it was funny at first, but then both of us got sick of them doing so.
I had started to notice that he would flirt with the other girls. I had become friends with one girls who had gone to school with him in third grade, and she had told me that he would flirt with every girls, but would continue to like the same girl. I was still confused about his behavior, but I just kept silent.
Soon enough, he stopped talking/hugging. I was wondering what was going on, so I had asked him what was up. He said that he wasn't trying to ignore me, just trying to separate. He had told me that I'm annoying, immature, and loud and that I swear like a 7th grader. (What? It's not like I go f-bombing every sentence I speak, and you say more than I do.) Before, I had told him that I have ADD, and that although I live in a Christian house, my parents tend to swear a lot, and I had slowly gotten into the habit, but by swearing case was MUCH less than my parents (and not to mention the other students at the school). I know that I can get annoying sometimes (I annoy myself), and that I try to keep it at a minimal. And I'm immature? I'm not the one who's making fun of every teacher around the school!
After that, it was just kinda blank. His birthday rolled around, and I had written him a Happy-Birthday letter, and that I hope that he's doing okay. That same day, I had received it back, crumpled and "Dear XXXXX, I want to be together, but I am gay. I'm sorry. XXX" written on it. However, it was not in his handwriting, and the writer had spelled my name wrong. My bully from 8th grade had given it back to me, and I immediately suspected it was him (he was also friends with XXX). A few days later, I had presented it to him, saying “So, your either gay, or you’re a liar. What the h*** is going on?” He had looked at the note, crumpled it up and said “You’re a joke.” But in reality, it’s on him. After that, I would constantly hear rumors about me or my friends, and I could constantly hear him talking about me with the other girls. He is dating another girl, though (I guess he turned out to be straight, and was acting weird). However, I don’t have enough evidence or notable witnesses to bring up to him, and I’m scared of what it’s doing to my reputation at school. I’ve been bullied before, and I’m scared of the aftermath. HELP!

Dec 12, 2015

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  • You'll be OK, when you grow up.

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