The Bus

When I was in high school this girl had a big crush on me and we were on the same sports team. On the ride home from our meet me and her were the only two in the back of the bus. She kept clinging to my arm. She continually tried to grab my c***, then she let go of my arm saying "if you don't let me, I'll show you my b****." Being a naive teen I had said she wouldn't. She pulled her b*** out of her shirt and dragged my hand to touch it. At this point I had a major hard-on. She then kept trying to grab my member and I kept stopping her. About 30 mins from home she took my hand a placed it on her crotch and whispered in my ear she wanted me to finger f*** her and then placed my hand on the waist of her jeans. I ended up fulfilling her wish and making her c**. After that our friendship got awkward and we kept doing "Things" on the bus, to this day though she never grabbed my c***.

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  • You should avoid this girl before she lands you into trouble. Are you ready to be a dad? Are you ready for sexually transmitted diseases; yes because she does it to other guys? She is a wayward girl. And are you ready for eternity without God? Think deep my friend!

  • I bet you regret the f*** out of that now.

  • Try it out your feelings

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