I've been with my gf for 1 year and a half I've know her on a personal level for four. She had a rough past before me her ex be raped her being young beat her etc. right now he's in jail when I began talking with her I realized how f***** her life was on all levels. No emotional support her family didn't give a s*** throughout hibachi lags was living with her sister in law and her brother they pretty much used her to take care of the kids every chance I got I took her out on dates daily to get her away from the misery for awhile. I brought out the best in her and finally decided to let her move in with me before her sister in law threw her things out the door and kicked her out. The reason was because they would say I changed her because know she stood up for herself stopped doing bad things and wanted to be right. I took her in the with respect love appreciation and everything I have. I work nights so majority of the time I don't see her I'm always asleep but I give her everything from roof,food,love,passion etc my gf has a lot of anger towards her sister in law so much but at the same time it's love I have anger for the fact that they took advantage of her by wise and family wise. Now my gf told me her sister in law wants to start fresh being said she's f***** her over numerous number of times my gf being my gf forgave her but now I'm raging inside because they don't understand that she was hurt in all levels and who has always been here to pick up the broken pieces if it's not me my gf really has nobody should I accept the fact that my gf wants to give her sister in law the 1004837 the chance to start fresh or do I just let this anger get the best and blow up on my gf ??

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  • You can tell your gf how you feel. But your gf for whatever reason still wants a relationship with her family - as bad as they may be. They are still her family. If history is any indication, yes something bad may happen yet again. However, if your gf can come up with some healthy boundaries for what she will and won't put up with and also say no to things that her sister in law and brother ask for. This really has to be your gf's decision.

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