Naughty lyn

Christmas Day evening I was at my girlfriends aunts house with the rest of her family celebrating Christmas, my girlfriend and her dad had gone in the car back to my girlfriends house to feed her dog. Her mum had been drinking quite a lot of wine that day with help from me filling her glass when it was empty, anyway I was watching tv in the lounge alone waiting for my girlfriend to come back when her mum came in and dropped some sweets at my feet I leaned forward to help her pick them up and noticed her top was very low cut and I could clearly see her breast her at which point I looked up and we made eye contact. I was very attracted to her for sometime before and I think she knew this as she often flashed her breast at me with low cut tops or see through tops, anyway I could clearly see she was drunk as her eyes started to roll up I made it obvious I was looking and I bit my lip as a signal that I was struggling to control myself she then stood up and walked off, I thought that was strange but after a few drinks myself didn't know what to think so I carried on watching TV, a few minuets later she came back and said I'm going upstairs and then went upstairs I thought omg what's happening do I go after her unfortunately I was so nervous I didn't move then a few more minuets past and my girlfriend returned with her dad and at this point her mum came back downstairs and sat next to her husband giving me the most nasty stare I've seen her do then she said to her husband "oh I'm so drunk" while still staring at me. I'm sure if I would have had the guts to go up stairs that night we would have started an affair, I really regret not going up because I've wanted her for years and now me and her daughter are no longer together I think about telling her how much she turns me on I even used to go through her dirty underwear and m********* over them and then leave them over her bed she had such nice big t*** 36 dd, but I think she didn't like this as she said one time after I was a silly little boy.


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  • Get some guts

  • Go for it.

  • You think she wants it?

  • The Dog is not the only thing your GF fed!

  • What else then

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