I'm so sick and tired of the Kardashians!

Just one damn day I would like to go without seeing or hearing anything about the f****** Kardashians! For nine months I had to be informed in some manner of the media to the condition of Kim's f****** baby bump! Some how she thought it was a good thing to wear some f****** see through POS so the world could see her gut hanging down to her knees and of course that was plastered all over the news as well. On top of that we now have Kanye West on the f****** bandwagon that feels the need to jump on stage and protest some stupid s*** at every event he attends. Then we have Bruce Jenner that says we can now call her Caitlyn and is given a tv show so she can figure out if she wants to suck d*** or just take it up the ass! So today of all days the Kardashians had a Christmas get together and someone just had to let it be known only a few select people were invited to join their celebration and someone just had to post a few pics on instagram or snap chat so the world could see someone's Feet in a pair of $500 sandals. These people just make me want to puke!

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  • I agree f*** the kardashians,what have they done that was so great,what do they bring to the table.If there dad wasn't oj's lawyer we won't even know they exist.

  • Taylor Swift has all our sympathies now that 'unkimpt kar-trashy-an' has outright outundid herself this time.

  • Sesame Street's Oscar The Grouch, who lives in a trash can, just might want to update his song "I Love Trash" to include lyrics about "cjbaerinu tncleeyrn" and the "kar-trashy-ans" as part of his collection of trash.

  • "just look at 'cjbaerinu tncleeyrn' and those pathetic 'kar-trashy-ans', dirrrrty!!"

  • The 'kar-trashy-ans' and 'cjbaerinu tncleeyrn' are as comparable as 76 amc matador, 76 amc pacer, 76 amc hornet, 76 amc gremlin, 76 ford pinto, all shoved up a jiffy-lube grease pit.

  • Here, you do the math, 'cjbaerinu tncleeyrn' + 'kar-trashy-ans' = puke!

  • As 'kar-bash-ians', we all agree with that math equation.

  • Yes, that's right, here's some more math, caitlyn jenner + bruce jenner = 'cjbaerinu tncleeyrn'.

  • The kardashians are such "kar-trashy-ans", it's no wonder they've made such "kar-bash-ians" out of all of us.

  • Not only that, "cjbaerinu tncleeyrn", the "it" being, makes me want to puke too!

  • I'm so sick and tired of the 'kar-trashy-ans'!

  • I agree. I'm sick of this entire trashy family of whores and cross dressers. I would never let my kids watch these devil worshiping whores. Nasty Kim and Kanya is a piece of trash. Can't stand any of them. Kim is as fake as a 3 dollar bill. They all are.

  • Speaking of 3 dollar bills, "hey, look what I found, play money and there's a picture of 'cjbaerinu tncleeyrn'." "no, those are british pounds and that's the queen of england."

  • We wouldn't waste any one moment of our time expecting any one of those "kar-trashy-ans" to hand us quarters, they'll just hand us pennies, all bad ones, if this all keeps up, local pharmacies not only might just as well start selling Pepto-Bismol by the crateloads to the public even if they're not watching "kar-trashy-ans" at all, international airports might just as well start selling airline barfbags by the crateloads to the public as well even if they're not flying anywhere at all.

  • Totally agree with the others! I have had enough of their press coverage.

  • Totally agree with the others! I have had enough of their trash coverage.

  • Add me to that list! How and why did these rich b****** become the center of the Universe? Someone has decided there is nothing the Kardashians can do that isn't somehow news worthy! BTW I have to agree with the other reply to this posting, I would do Khloe for sure!

  • I'm with you. I'd like to see them all humiliated and ridiculed, but I guess that would just increase their ratings even more. I hate them all, yes ALL of them. Although I have to admit, I would drill Khloe repeatedly and never get tired of it. She is incredible. Still, in order to even look at her on television, I have to mute the TV so I don't have to hear her -- or any of the rest of those retards -- actually speak.

  • "they're so vain, we bet they think the stage is about them, they're so vain (they're so vain), we bet they think the stage is about them, don't they, don't they"

  • ...and we "kar-bash-ians" sure love ridiculing "cjbaerinu tncleeyrn" and the "kar-trashy-ans".

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