I'm stuck and have no clue what im doing

So currently, my boyfriend and I have been together for five years! During our third year of dating he proposed to me. We were young, , I said yes. We had no intention of getting married right away, but we just wanted that commitment..or so I thought. During our relationship he would talk to other girls, send nudes to girls, ect. Just things that were not very caring, and it was I didn't even exist. It killed me everytime because I cared about him so much, and he was aware that but kept doing it for years. I gave him chance after chance and he just hurt me again recently. I was so hurt I like disconnected. I just don't care about anything. Im still with him now. Its like now I expect him to cheat. I actually ended up sleeping with one of our mutual friends. It's pretty interesting because he has a girlfriend also and I have a boyfriend that i'm now cheating on. I didn't do it to hurt my current boyfriend, I just had an instant spark with our mutual friend. So I have been cheating on my bf with this guy for 6 months now and I just don't know wtf is going on. I'm still trying to decide if I should even stay with my current bf and I try not to talk to my side man but we have to see each other one day a week. I like my sideman and could possibly see being with him in the future but that is not my intention right now. He has a girlfriend and I feel really bad for her but I can't help it. I'm in a love triangle kind of but I don't love my sideman I just don't know how we stand. I'm stuck because I have to make a move. I need to end it with one of them, and i have been not talking to my sideman lately and focusing on my relationship.. But I just feel like my sideman and I have unfinished business. Whether that be ending whatever the thing is that we have for each other or possibly down the road taking things further. But I am just stuck. I would like to just end everything with everybody and hibernate so I don't have to hurt anyones feelings when making a choice. This sucks

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  • Its your f****** p**** do what ever u want

  • Get rid of this guy - he's not good for you and you're not good for him. Too much cheating on all sides and someone's likely very hurt by all of this. Get control of yourself and move on.

  • Poontang ya c***

  • You answered your own ? Leave them both! Neither are good for you and you don't want a guy who cheats!

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