Bad Ending

Many years ago my mothers Uncle was a Baptist minister who was during missionary work in Guatamala. While he was there he met two little indian girls whose parents had been killed in a bus accident.

The country he was in had no services for orphans except to encourage the members of the community to care for them.

There are apparents a lot of perverts in Guatamala who prey on children especially girls.

This minister didn't know what to do so he adopted these girls himself.

He returns to America and while he was in his late fifties he suddenly has a heart attack and he dies leaving his wife to raise these children alone.

Time passes and the girls grow to be teenagers. They began to like boys.

Their stepmother forbids them to date these highschool boys and this causes a great deal of friction between the girls and their stepmother.

The girl stabbed this lady to death. They had apparently been plotting her murder for some time. They had devised a story about an intruder which the cops didn't believe for one moment.

Evidence mounted and the girls were arrested, tried and convicted of the ladys murder.

They are both serving twenty years to life for this killing. They have to serve twenty years before they can be eligible for parole.

This happened about five years ago.

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