I need to go

I am twelve, and my step dad is ruining my life.
I hate him so much, that I want to live in the woods, alone, vulnerable to anything, because of him.
He never leaves me alone, and I want to murder him.
I can't get a job, or move out, because I'm only twelve.
I have even considered suicide because of him.
Lots of times.
But I don't know how to survive in the forest, at the age of twelve.
I need help.



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  • Dear almost Teenager,
    Let your Mom and other relatives know what is going on and get them to stop your step father from being an azz hole. You all can also call 1-800-4ACHILD, the national child abuse hot line and report what is going on and get advice as to how to stop it. Good luck and let us know how you're doing.

  • Uh, where does it say he's being abusive, r e t a r d?
    OP is twelve. 12 year olds can't get through breakfast without whining about one thing or another like it's the end of the g0ddamn world. for all we know, stepdad is committing horrible crimes like insisting that this kid wash its hands before dinner. terrible "abusive" things like that.
    both OP and you need a smack upside the head.

  • Good *** not food

  • Go to barnes and noble, go to the christian section, grab a bible, read it. Go back next week and read some of it again. Better yet, buy it. Read it every night before bed. Become a strong woman, an independent one, one who can live for herself and can be strong for herself and those who are weak around her.
    Put up with the step dad, with all the drama, with his rudeness, obsessiveness, abusiveness (unless its physical abuse then tell you mom, or a school counselor. Put up with the unpleasantness of being under the same roof as him. You will get through it. Trust me.
    My dad died, my mom married some man when I was 10, and I haven't liked him ever since. He is not a good person, and has many inner demons he needs to work out.
    I am now 18, about to join the Airforce, I have lasted this long without a food father figure, I am a strong woman, I am a happy person despite the bad things in my life like him.
    Stay strong, you will grow up and you will love your beautiful life soon enough.

  • She can even read the bible online if she can't buy one

  • I'm the same person again as the Don't go girl. My brothers were twelve and they were annoyed by everything. They also annoyed like heck! Trust me he'll come around...

  • Don't go! Or don't murder him. If he just keeps talking, TELL HIM! But IDK what your problem is. I'm twelve too BTW. Don't choose the forest, trust me you wont like it. 12 is the age where you are always annoyed or annoying.

  • What state do you live in??

  • What is he doing exactly!

  • OP is a 12 year old girl. They're all about the drama, especially if there's a step involved. He could be doing terrible things to her like suggesting she brush her hair more than once a week. Or even... maybe... BUYING GROCERIES SHE'S DECIDED SHE DOESN'T LIKE THIS WEEK. What an ogre!

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