I'm going to cheat

I have been having an online affair for five months. I am flying out to meet this person in three weeks. I have been married for twelve years. How can I be doing this?

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  • I cheat on my husband whenever I can - with my 14-year-old son. He sometimes repaets 4 or 5 times in one evening.

  • Ask for an open relationship. It's not cheating if you have permission!

  • I use to travel a lot for business. Many of the people that I would travel with would cheat on their wives husbands. I kept a picture of my children and my wallet. I had many many opportunities to cheat. And I had a good reason to want to. My ex-wife was a b**** and frigid as well. But I would look at my children and think I will not cheat on them. So if you have children don't do it. Don't violate their trust. Don't ruin their respect for you. If you do not have children then get of your loveless relationship.

  • Because, over time, the attraction cools and people desire a change...that's just how things go. Enjoy yourself! :)

  • It is so funny- when someone posts about cheating and admits to feeling guilty about it, people automatically assume it's a woman.

    They call her a w****. She feels guilty about wanting to cheat, but wanting it still makes her a w****.

    A mean cheats. He doesn't post about it, because it's normal for him to cheat, and because he would never feel guilty enough to share it as a confession.

  • First, let's acknowledge what you are NOT. Contrary to other opinions expressed here, you aren't a w****, a loser, a coward, heartless or without conscience. Now, we can talk about what you ARE. You're a grown woman who can make, and has been making (online, at least), her own choices about how to live her life and with whom. You've opened that life to ONE additional man, so far, and have done so with some exploration, forethought and foresight. It takes some significant nerve to plan a trip out of town to see this other man, MUCH more so than somebody who just slinks off to a sleazy motel late one night with some drunk stranger she met in a bar thirty minutes before, and I think (if you're interested in my opinion) that kind of resolve and determination is to be applauded. As for the why you're doing this, only you can answer that. Some obvious possibilities are a general restlessness in your life, a hunger for raw or refined physical intimacy that isn't being met in your bedroom at home, the worry (whether or not founded) that your husband is already at play himself, the desire to explore the deliciously wonderful world of marital infidelity, or a need to be made to feel important or beautiful or intelligent or worthy. Or some combination of those. Or something entirely different. All I can tell you is that we all long for the electrically-charged thrill that comes at the beginning of a new sexual relationship, and we suspect that when it occurs outside of marriage (and, even better, in violation of vows), that thrill tends to stay with us. Only for myself, I can say that adultery has been one of the best things in my life, my husband has never discovered it, it hasn't wrecked my marriage, and I wouldn't give it up for anything in my world. I love it, and you will, too.

  • Thank you. I read this three times and it really struck a nerve with me, made things feel better and clearer and more forgivably human.
    (Not the confession's original poster).

  • You're going to cheat because you're a w**** who doesn't love the person she is married to. You're also a coward for not letting him know and trying to work your relationship out, or go your separate ways.

    People always try to justify cheating. There isn't a valid reason to me. Whores will always be whores.

  • because you are a coward.leave him first...unless he deserves this, in which case you are vengeful and i like your style

  • You dont love tour children. You are a total looser. You have no conscience. Those are my guesses.

  • i don't know??? do you want me to guess fine i'll guess because you have no heart... um... you aren't being satisfied sexually by your partner... uh... because he's an internet hypnotist... i don't b***** know

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