I get off on something bad

I had a girlfriend who was molested by her cousin when she was younger. Although I should not feel any kind of excitement about it, the truth is, I do. Whenever she tell me about it, I get turned on.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • It's pretty sick, but simply said, youre being aroused by a story about s**.

  • I was molested but I too used get off s*** like that.
    But therapy helps a lot.
    And so does kicking ass.

  • wow, i was molested, and if someone i knew personally said that i would beat their stupid f****** ass.

  • That is kinda sick. Don't EVER tell her that, or she will dump you in a SECOND.

    On second thought though, maybe you should tell her, cuz I think you just might be a pedophile in the making and maybe she can get rid of you before you end up married with children or something

  • ^Yes, you are pretty sick, man. I hope some big gay guy molests you, then maybe it won't be such a turn on.

  • you're a horrible person. how can you get aroused by someone telling you about being sexually abused.


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