Sister's panties.

I was laying on the ground, my sister was wearing a skirt. My sister walks right by my face to the point where I could see up her skirt, why would she do that when she could have walked around me. I like the view as well.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Ignore these comments. You're normal. Don't hurt yourself please

  • So get yourself a skirt and return the favor sometime when she's laying on the ground. See what she does.

  • omg ^^^^^^^^ dont listen to that p****!

    go with the commit suicide option...

    your beyond help im afraid...

  • You should not committ suicide, and instead rape her.

  • I'm surprised that mr suicide is painless guy hasn't spoke up.

    Dude, your sister doesn't and SHOULDN'T expect you to be a sexual predator. A little upskit doesn't mean she's hitting on you.

    Please, just go to the strippers and get your jollies there. They'll show you everything as long as you keep buying drinks.

  • Here's another vote for suicide.
    STFU already!!

  • I second that advice. Do us a favor and kill yourself. That would make this world a better place. You sick freak.

  • How many times has she done this, cause it seems like you confess this same confession all the time. Does she own pants? I wish you would just STFU already about your sister. Seriously, what are you expecting from all of us? Advice? Want mine? Commit suicide, please.

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