The Anti-Asian hate here is pathetic and unjustifies

Let me start off by saying that I'm a white dude. However, I have lots of Asian friends, including chinese ones that I met in university.

1) The chinese caused the virus !!!!!
- Yes they did and I understand that they could have controlled the escalation better if they warned the world earlier and closed their borders. However after covid got out, many countries hit by the virus actually started to control it effectively (look at Australia and NZ) unlike the US. A walk through the streets in LA proves my point. Yall stupid antimaskers dont even make an effort to wear a mask properly, even coming out with delusional conspiracies and complain about asians despite them wearing masks the right way.

2) You can have a preference for a race, but there's no need to be outright racist about it
- I see a lot of people there saying how "chinks" (yikes) look inferior and are ugly af. Well sure you could have preferences but really ? describing their faces as dough kneaded ? l**** get a life. Imagine the outrage if someone called a black guy this way on the streets, yall pathetic f****** would get beaten up. The fact that you had to hide in anonymity behind a screen to show your true intentions reveal how much of a coward you are.

3) The CCCP is bad, we must stop them !
- Yes and I agree, the genocide of Uighurs cannot continue and the world should do whatever necessary to stop the cccp from going on with this. However, theres literally no need to drag innocent chinese citizens into this, Instead of saying "F*** China" say "F*** the CCCP", but I guess yall racist c**** really dont bother to care anyways. I literally see "f*** china" comments on social media posts that has nothing to do with politics, but just some chinese person showcasing chinese culture. Its really f****** stupid.

4) Chinese people eat dogs and other disgusting stuff, they're cruel !
- Yes, but this only happens in rural areas where people are poor. If you did this in beijing you'll literally be shunned for it. Yes dogs are cute and I have a corgi too. I'd never eat dog meat and I think it should be banned. However, I'm sick of people setting double standards for dogs just because they're "cute" and "intelligent". Yeah, pigs are smart too ? but yall wont stop eating bacon anyways. Religions like Hinduism worship cows as sacred creatures and yall dont see them complaining about Americans eating beef. Besides, dog eating is very much a minority in China, and it is a dying practise. Chinese people dont literally skin dogs in the streets l****. "exotic food" like Octopuses are actually pretty f****** delicious and I dont see yall complaining about european countries eating them too ?

5)The fact that yall suggest that the Rape of Nanking was justfiable is sickening and f****** dehumanizing. Yall read about how hitler wanted to kill the jews yet repeat his hatred in a different context.

- Before yall call me a cccp supporter or a brainwashed c*** I just wanna say that yall lowlifes should get off the internet and actually interact with asian people instead of hearing republicans spew stereotypical bullshit about a race. I dont support the cccp's actions at all and I fully support HongKong in acheiving its freedom.

Apr 25, 2021

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  • F*** those nasty gooks they think they are better than everyone else and smarter too. My uncle was in the Nam’ and they used to blow them up with grenades, communist c**** bastards. You sound like a real idiot sticking up for them they hate round eyes you idiot.

  • Asia is a f***** up place in so many aspects. The hate in the US is generated by the lying
    media. I could care less as long as they stay away from me. Superior to what by the way ?

  • Superior to s***, they are yellow scumbags

  • Just typical pig people getting angry about their inferior genes and the fact that Asia will continue to dominate the world again as it has for 18 of the last 20 centuries.

  • China and Asia are shitholes for the most, don’t even try that crap, stay over there no one wants your yellow a**** here.

  • It is always the weird sympathizers that have never been around the crazy Chinese and they are too lazy to do the research. Chinese are bottom feeders.

  • They are nasty f****** and the women are disgusting with bodies like young boys, selfish, evil, nasty f****** gooks

  • Dr Fauci cause the virus he sent it to China and he's white.

  • Fauci is a NY guinea scumbag

  • There's isn't Asian Hate here! You need to stop believing the Media's BS Lies!

  • Disgusting virus spreading genocidal Chinkroaches
    Stop systematic mass rape of Uyghur women

  • F*** YOU

  • Yeah you f****** gooks owe us for covid and we will pay you back even if it’s by beating the crap out of you in our streets

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