I got caught by my wife, wearing women's, (not hers) and make-up, (again, not hers, I have bought these items), and she's asked me if I'm bi, or gay...except I cannot answer, because, I'am bi-sexual, and it would ruin my marriage, I love my wife dearly, but sometimes I have to feel like someone else. I did contemplate, bringing the bi-sexuality into a conversation, once, and my wife was then quite understanding, but I'm so confused...anyone advise???

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  • Do you want gay s**?

  • Id say your wife knows you bi, so tell her. It will come out anyway. You cant bottle this up for ever.
    I told my wife and she embraced it, now once a month a friend of hers joins us, I dress as a woman and wait on them, bring them drinks etc as they f***. I suck his c*** to get him ready, as she strips and when they have finished I lick them both.
    My wife also got a strap on and f**** me once a week. She has suggested I let her friend f*** me, which I'm looking forward to

  • My wife ordered me to let him f*** me last night, I was in stockings and suspenders high heels. I kissed him and he got a h******, my wife was naked led me to the bed and hand cuffed me to the bed post, he knelt between my legs, oiled his c*** and my a***, pushed my legs back and forced his fat c*** up my a*** brutal and f***** me, I was in pain but my c*** was hard and bounced as he took me. I spunked all over myself and he spunked in my a***.
    They drank win leaving me bound and he licked her c** next to me, laughed at me as I had a h****** again, she was about to c** straddle my face and c** all over me. He then f***** her doggy as she looked down at me and her big t*** bounced in my face

  • If the topic comes up I would tell her the truth. Tell her you love the idea of being a Sissy. You never said if you had been with another guy, so I don't know if that's really what you want? Sometimes a person like yourself is very happy to be a Sissy with his wife being involved. Most likely you are wanting to be submissive as well. Maybe you wife will go along with your needs and take charge.

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