Two Countries apart

A while ago, a person on here talked about how he was head over heels for a woman named Andrea Libman. I am that person. My feelings haven't changed, but it's just so hard. First, because of the distance: With her living in one country and me living in another, the chances of us actually meeting are really slim; however, that has not stopped me from hoping that perhaps one day we'll meet in person. For now though, if I want to see her beautiful face, I have to type her name on the internet and look for one of her pictures. I've also used the internet to attempt to communicate with her about the weather and she responded. I was happy about that, but even so; since I am just one of her fans, I feel completely overshadowed by the many other fans of hers all attempting to be the ones who are chosen to be able to conversation with her. I know that I shouldn't, but I feel a little jealous, but then again, when there's a tv show actress involved, who wouldn't be jealous?

There are many talented brony fans of hers who are able to draw and send her pictures of their drawings. I enjoy seeing the drawings, however, I'm not really a my little pony artist. There are even many fans of hers who send her letters in the mail. I thought of sending her a letter in the mail, but I'm not sure what I would say that I wouldn't be able to say on the internet. Why send her a letter telling her that she's the most beautiful woman that I've seen when I can just as easily say that online? Besides, one would think that a famous person would set out to find the address of a person who's always trying to contact them, right? Maybe, maybe not, I'm not sure. I could also attend one of those my little pony cons that she always goes to: however, I have social anxiety and I would prefer to avoid that if I could.

I'm not sure if the two of us will ever meet in person, but until that day comes, she will always be on my mind and I'll keep her beside me in spirit if that's even possible. It's always great to see new pictures of her smiling and happy. It puts a smile on my own face. It's always interesting to see what new articles or topics she talks about. She helps me learn about Canada even though I'm not there myself. I am also happy to say that I think it's wonderful that she's a teacher and I hope that the kids she teaches think highly of her. I hear that she's also good at piano and I don't know if this is correct, but she might have an award for it. I also learned how to play the piano, but that was so long ago, so I've forgotten.

Tonight before I drift off to sleep, I will say a prayer for you Andrea Libman. I will then say many prayers for you as long as I live. I won't forget about you. Please don't forget about me.

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