How to stop binge eating?

I've never even admitted this to myself, but I've had a binge eating problem ever since I was a kid. I remember getting told off for sneaking food as a child, but I was super active then and all through high school. Plus, as I got older, it got easier to secretly sneak unhealthy meals, so no one paid much notice.

Well, of course now I'm an adult (28yo male) with a desk job and a family (wife and 2yo). I noticed myself eating a lot whenever I got stressed. On the outside, I act super confident and happy, but whenever I'm alone I just can't help stuffing my face with junk food and sweets etc. Before I would balance it with sports and running, but I don't get time for that so much with the baby. Over 2 years I've put on about 25 lbs.. then COVID hit and I put on another 20! (from March to now). I feel huge. None of my old clothes fit, I have stretch marks on my sides and thighs, a protruding belly, a double chin, and I'm starting to get out of breath doing simple things. But I can't stop. It's like an addiction, and one I now realise I've ALWAYS had.

My wife is trying to help me lose it, but unknown to her I'm constantly sabotaging myself. Sometimes I stop by McDonalds on the way home because I know dinner's going to be a salad or soup or something. I've almost made myself sick a few times eating so much, and I'm supposed to be dieting!

I was athletic in college (some might say handsome!), but feel gross when I look at myself in the mirror now. I feel like the stereotypical fat, married dad. But in the moment, when I'm stuffing my face, I love it. I don't know why but the process of eating (especially junk food) is almost like a high, and even the feeling of being really full and bloated. But that soon wears off and I'm left feeling ashamed and ugly.

Everyone thinks I'm getting fat because I've been busy, I'm stressed and I'm getting older. But the truth is I'm literally fattening myself up. I can't control myself and don't know what to do, unless I just confess everything to my wife. But I really don't want her to worry or pity me, or alarm her with this weird addiction that I can't even explain properly.

Anyway, I'm worried that I'll just keep piling on the pounds until I'm obese and too fat to turn things around. I know the easy answer is "Just stop eating so much"..but when I get stressed or worried.. I just can't help it..

Sep 14, 2020

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  • This is an older post, but if you haven't already, I recommend you talk to your wife about this, and also see a therapist to talk about why you feel the need to eat so much. Then you can make a decision about what, if anything, to do about it. Maybe that will involve losing weight. Maybe it won't. Just remember that, whatever you decide to do with your body is nobody else's business. But honesty and counseling should help you get to a place where you can make that decision without feeling like you have no control over yourself.

  • Keep eating fat boy, grow huge and heavy, keep stuffing your face until you're so full you can't move. There's lots of women who would appreciate someone with a big appetite like yours!

  • Try and ask your wife to feed you and show attention to your growing belly, embrace it!

    Or find yourself a feeder if she doesn't understand or encourage your gaining and eating

  • Been about a year since you posted this. How much do you weigh now? Still binge eating? Have you given in and accepted that you enjoy eating and being obese?

  • How much do you weigh now? Hope you're still enjoying eating so much and being a fatty!

  • Eat what makes happy and enjoy life as a fat dad

  • Just enjoy yourself and eat

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