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At the age of ten I had one of my testicles removed due to it being undescended and therefore becoming twisted in the wrong place (I don't understand more than that as I was only 10 and in constant agony throughout the experience). It never really bothered me, as I knew I could still have children with only one t*******. When I first started masturbating I didn't really notice any difference because almost for as long as I'd known about what it was there for I had only had the one.
The problem is I recently turned eighteen and am planning to move away soon to University. I know what university is like - one night stands and casual s** aplenty and I want to be part of that (I'm still a virgin because of Catholic parents who are over-strict on their atheist son). I'm worried that when I do get down to it people won't want to have s** because they'll be too busy laughing at the fact I only have one t*******. People make light of the issue but it's given me serious body issues in the past when I felt inadequate that I've managed to get over until now. I'd never start a relationship with s** (it's taboo for me - probably the catholic upbringing) and I know that if I was in a long term relationship it would be easier to broach the subject but for a one night stand I'm nervous. So do I tell them beforehand or not mention it and hope they don't notice/just pass it off as something that can happen? I'm going to the same university as people who I've met before and when we spoke we drifted into s** - the furthest it's ever gone is a grope and I got the impression they wanted to go further. I wouldn't be so worried if I thought I could avoid an immediate confrontation.

Anyone with experience in health, psychology or having (or dating a man with) only one t*******, please help me.

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  • I don't know what to say. I'm dealing with some of the the same issues............

  • Someone who really loves you won't care. As for casual s**, that's a different story.

  • Hi from Australia. I am a registered nurse. You can have an implant put in. Just as you would with an artificial eye, surgeons can put a permanent implant in with little concern. Make an enquiry, can't hurt to ask.

  • That's a very good response nurse, I trust you've assisted the young man with his concern. i also hope he came back to read your reply. He didn't acknowledge what you had to say which is a pity.

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