I had sexual experimentation with my friend

Eleven years ago when I was 14, my friend and I engaged in a sexual experimentation somewhat like m*********** in the sense. This was brought upon while we had a sleep over and we were watching a mystery thriller that contained strong sexual situations. As a result, he and I started out physically then went onto masterbating. I do not know what was wrong with me at the time, but I was plagued by temptation for knowing what physical s** felt like, so I felt that an experimentation would be alright. I knew it was my fault for dragging my friend into this, so I apologized and we both swore to never mention it ever to anyone. I was just a kid who was ignorant and blinded by pride to pull something off like a sexual experimentation. Now, after eleven years I am on a path to purity in life, I felt that I should confess and repent my sins in order to clear them out of the way if I am going to set myself down a path of clarity. Thank you for reading my confession, and I hope that God will find it in his almighty heart to forgive me for my sins as I make to repenting for them.

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  • You were innocent, thus sinless. Its a sin once you KNOW that it is deemed something sinful. Your curiosity is normal. But if you feel like you do at 25 you are being too h****** yourself. Sometimes you have to learn life's lessons by yourself, rather than being preached to about them.

  • But you did nothing wrong

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