Older women make better lovers

This weekend I went next door to have a little good bye s** with our neighbor before she moved off to college. Susan is a year older than me and we have been friends for ever and have messed around for ages. She is 20 and I’m 19.

We were getting it on. She was laying with her legs in the air near the edge of the bed and I was banging her HARD. We were both orgasmic and then the door opened. It was her mom in a silk robe. She told us to stop. I gave Susan a few more thrusts to finish my load. Gave her a kiss and turned to the door. Mrs C had her robe open and was rubbing her bush.

She said “ you two need to get cleaned up. Go to the bathroom. I have drawn your bath water.” I looked at Susan and we giggled as she led me to the bathroom by my c***. Susan and I got in the tub and took a bubble bath.

Mrs C walked in an knelt by the tub. She said” I remember giving you two a bath together. You used to play with Each other’s privates and I would say no”. “ I also remember when Susan saw your pecker get hard and when she wanted to sit on it. “.

She continued “ well I don’t know what to say”. “ I am amazed at how big you have become. That’s the biggest c*** I’ve ever seen. But I’m sad I was the first woman other than your mom to touch that and I want to know what it feels like now”

I stood up. She began rubbing my c*** then started sucking on it. We then went to her bed and we did the 69. We both came. Her p**** was an amazing fire red BUSH. She told me not to swallow her juices. She then laid n top of me and we kissed with c** in our mouths as she slipped my d*** into her bushy wet p****. Then she rode me till I came.

Then she asked me who I liked f****** better. I couldn’t lie. I loved f****** her so much better than the daughter!

Aug 11, 2020

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  • Yes, that's right. they can be the best tutors to learn from

  • Good to hear you have discovered the joys of older women! Older women are much more interesting in every way than young ones. I am 32 and my wife is 56 and we have been happily married for 5 years. My advice to you is to find a good older woman and marry her as the older woman makes an excellent wife in every way imaginable!!!!

  • Mrs C is 51. I’m 19 almost 20.

    I really wish Mrs C was not married. We have s** when we can but it’s just not often enough. Her husband is 58. I can’t wait till this CoViD thing is over so he starts traveling again and the. o can have more time with Mrs C

  • Wow!

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