Watching my sister taking bath naked and one day mom joining he

In our family in siblings my sister was elder than me .. We all were happy and my sister was very sexy with 36D b**** and huge ass .. In our house me and my sister had the same room .. And our bathroom was just beside our room. Our bathroom had 2 ventillator and one of the ventillator was in our room and it was at some height where no one can reach with the help of table . She used to wear casual dress at home and many times i could see her cleavage .. So i wanted to f*** her . I decided to see her while bathing .. Everyday when she used to go to take bath i was there in ventillator watching her and it was at height so no one from bathroom would notice . The besf part of her bath was seeing her getting naked and putting oil in the body which everytime would make her arouse .. And she would finger little bit .. After many days i noticed one thing that she uses v wash to wash her v***** once in a week ... So everyday i would c** on that v wash ... And would remove the v wash after a month i was very happy that she is washing her v***** with my c** ... But one day i saw mom entering the bathroom and she too was naked .. Then i saw that both helped each other to trim her pussey i was hearing their voice tooo .. They were enjoying .. After their shaving was done they both fingured each other pressed each other b**** after that both of them helped each other to wash their v***** with v wash but only i knew that all it was my sperm once i thought about my mother but i was helpless. !!!


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  • My little brother and his friend's watched me in the shower when we were teenagers., I found out years later.

  • Are you confessing that you have the hots for your sister and mother and this is your fantasy? I'm calling bullshit on story.

  • I would s*** my mum or sister if I had the opportunity

  • My sister was a little over a year older than me and when i was 11 she started puberty around 12.She became a bedwetter because of her puberty and every night our mom put cloth diapers and plastic pants on her before bedtime.Our bathroom wall bordered on the one wall of her room,so i punched a hole thru the wall and every night i would see her lay naked on her bed as mom put the diapers and plastic pants on her!I got so aroused seeing her laying there being diapered like a baby!

  • Fuckofff pedos

  • Tell more about their nature of b*** washing and massaging while doing it to each other. Do they suck on each otters t***? After fingering do they eat each others p****? Think of taking videos through the vent.

  • They had huge b**** both of them had big b**** but mys sister b**** were tight and looked awsm more then mom

  • Why do you molest young boys?

  • Can u tell most intresting conversation between ur mom and sis in the bathromm

  • Yeah my sister was telling my mom that she likes hairy pussey and my mom replied that she also likes but it should be trimmed and small otherwise it creates disturbance while having s**

  • Sickfucking incest loving pedos die die

  • I don't agree with some of the things I see here but you my friend seem so judgemental about those things have it ever occured to you that people around who witness your hatred for the sexual desires of other may make people think you have the same desires but hate on others do to this willpower you may have to refrain from such activities? This is a question for the incest/ pedo hater

  • Good point.

  • Absolutely not I have a very good friends who's 13 year old granddaughter tried to commit suicide because her father was molesting her for 4 years and started having full S*E*X with her. So there is you Incest/ Pedo hate. Both at the same time. Her mom divorced him and the Family turned down a 15 year prison sentence with 15 years parole. They want him to do the full 30 years. If I had my way he would have gotten death. I met him a few times and he looked like a normal father to me. Now I see that he is a SICKFUCKING pedo. Thats why I hate incest and being a PEDO.

  • Incest should only ever be between adults.

  • Incest is illegal for a good reason. There is always an aggressor and a victim.

  • You could say that for any sexual encounter! Family members are perfectly capable of having consensual s**. Not everyone that has s** with a family member is a victim and not all incest is abusive, just like not everyone that has s** is raped or abused.

  • BS.
    Full natural bush does not inhibit s**. In fact pubic hair catches pheromones and that leads to higher libido and quicker sexual arousal.

  • Yeah may be she and all of us know

  • Can you take some pics through the ventilator??

  • Sounds like a fantasy

  • No its real .. Even now also i watch them its real

  • I call bullshit!!!

  • I say your face and my fist will meet one day!!!

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