Weird revenge

I had a few physical handicaps as a teenager and I of course still have them today. I was shoved around in class and especially on the bus going to school and comming back.

The bullys were often athletes or some lummox that I couldn't handle if my life depended on it. There were as often as not more than one.

Ok time passes and here we are nearly seventy. We meet at a luncheon for former students and one thing I notice about these now old and gray a******* I used to know.

They are crashing bores. Their FB pages go for days without any activity and they don't seem to up with current events or even know the issues in the Presidential races.

I keep up with everything and I can talk about or discuss politics, science, social issues with a degree of intelligence that these once tough now old jocks can't match.

None of them can keep up with me.

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  • Kinda sad that you still wonder what your bullies are too. If you're that good and better off in life, they should be a VERY blurry memory. And it's called stalking

  • Feeling a bit guilty and defensive, lummox? Shut up and accept the fact that your glory days are over.

  • Time certainly has a way of healing things doesn't it? Bullies always were and will be losers. Your story testifies to it.

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