My sister is gross

I know my sister and her boyfriend get it on when my parents are not home, They often sneak around on a Saturday while they are at work or if my parents are out of town which they do often now that we are old enough to stay home alone and from time to time I have spied on them, Her boyfriend is hot, Too old for me but he is definitely hot and is quite enjoyable to watch.
Last night I knew they were getting down since I could hear them in her room, We have a shared bathroom between our rooms and it is quite easy for me to sneakily watch them so I left the bathroom light off and crept up to her door, I gently opened it and was shocked at what I saw, My sisters friend Maria on her back, Buck naked and my sister on her knees going down on Maria while her boyfriend was doing her from behind.
I didn't even know Maria was over so it came as a big shock and I left without closing the door, Later my sister came into my room and asked me if I had opened her door, I told her I hadn't been in the bathroom but I don't think she believes me. YUCK.

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  • I am a guy,18,and my sister is 16 and a bedwetter.She wears a thick cloth diaper with adult size plastic pants over it to bed every night.Last weekend our parents went out on saturday night and i came home from a buddies house and caught sis on her knees,in just her diaper and plastic pants giving her boyfriend a b******!

  • I hope your not jealous

  • Y should big sis be the only one getting c*** lets get together

  • Your naughtie and how old are you..

  • Go away you disgusting pedophile.

  • Mmmm steal her panties and mail them to me you voyeuristic sl.ut!!!!!!

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