Beating myself up, literally

Most days when I get home from Sixth form I say hello to my mum, go upstairs, close my door, put my tv up loud and then start to punch myself wherever I think of first. When people can see me I act all smiles and as though I have no problems but the moment I get behind closed doors I become so depressed and enraged at the same time and I take it out on myself. Im 16 and have great friends, grades and a supportive mother yet I still do this to myself and I don't know why, I can't even tell anyone because ill look insane.

Jan 16, 2016

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  • Well it's not as sad as the people who would cut themselves in the emo days... anyways you sound like a crybaby maybe thay's your problem.

  • Punch something else, pillows, your bed, don't hurt yourself. You don't deserve it! Somewhere along the line, someone made you feel unworthy and placed Wrong blame on you for their problems. YOU ARE GOID, YOU DESERVE A GOOD LIFE, JESUS LOVES YOU!

  • You're not insane, but you do need some help. You are 16, your body is still developing. You could have a hormonal imbalance which is causing you to feel sad and anger at the same time. If you are a girl ( you don't mention your gender), take note of your feelings around your menstrual cycle - how you're feeling, is it worse etc. But regardless, do not ever be afraid to ask for help.

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