Jury duty

In 1999 I was called to jury duty in the robbery of a grocery store. The defendant a black man who was unemployed had walked into the store and told the manager that he was robbing him. The manager had already called the police because the man looked suspicious when he walked in. He was wearing sunglasses early in the morning when there was no sunlight. The manager gave him a large bad of money and when he went outside several police officers were waiting on him.

I was picked for jury duty and I was the jury foreman.

The unfortunant man had no defence. Nothing he said made sense and the robbery itself was on a security camera. He did make several absurd statements saying that he didn't know why the manager gave him the money and that he wore his sunglasses due to a diabetic condition.

Yeah uh huh. After deliberating about half an hour we came in with the verdict of guilty as charged.

The judge was what I will describe as a country southern lawyer made judge. He had presided over many cases for many years in my town and with his pronounced southern but educated accent he said this.

I'm going to sentence you to a substantial sentence and your going to serve every day of it. The judge then went on describing other robberies this man had made. One with a gun. He continued telling us how much tax money society would have to pay to incarcerate him.

The sentence was fifteen years to serve with no parole. Had the robber been carrying a gun this time the sentence would have been twenty years.

Ok the man was released two years ago. I wonder where he is and what he's doing. I guess he's on welfare living with relatives.

He has no education nor any job skills.

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  • Lol try out trump.

  • He will probably get housing and welfare because he more than likely have no marketable skills. Sadly, the USA hasn't figured out yet that there needs to be more emphasis on marketable job skills, actual jobs for people (LOWER THE DAMN CORPORATE tax rate already - or are we afraid of China? Also, drug test all welfare recipients, stop promoting legalization of drugs and you might have a better Society!

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