My mother a police officer at a one police officer station part 2

Last Friday night I went to the police station to see my mother while she was at work at the police station as she works alone as the only police officer on duty on a Friday night and she said it's very quiet tonight she said I haven't even got anybody locked up in the cells here and I asked her if she could lock me up for a couple of hours and she said good idea locking you up will give me something to do and I asked her can you take me to the cells with handcuffs on and she said that's a good idea place your hands behind your back right now and with that she got her handcuffs out of her pocket and placed them on my wrists and she said I must inform you that you have a right to be silent you have the right to an attorney you have the right to contact a friend or family member to let them know of your whereabouts if you do not have a lawyer one can be arranged for you and when we got to the cells she opened the cell door and and took the handcuffs off and she said step into the cell for me and I so I did and she immediately closed the cell door behind me and locked it and went back to her desk I was kept in police custody overnight and the following morning my mother swapped with a new female police officer named SNR constable Nicole White and my mother told SNR constable white that I was in the cells locked up and SNR constable white said it's great that a mother who is also a police officer is willing to place her own son under arrest and lock him up especially overnight we will need to get the magistrate court judge to see him so that he can apply for bail otherwise we can give him police bail and let him go from here and my mother said to SNR constable white why don't we just keep him locked up for a few more hours first suddenly the station phone rang and my mother and SNR constable white both had to leave the station on an urgent job callout leaving me locked up in the cells 2 hours later they returned and put 2 men in the cells as well and SNR constable white opened my cell door and asked me if I was ok and I asked her if she and my mother could keep me locked up in the cells for the rest of the weekend and she said of course we can you have been arrested and formally charged we can hold you in custody for as long as we need to complete our investigation into the crimes you have committed that forced your own mother to arrest you she said your mother and I think that you will be getting a prison sentence when you front court on Monday morning we are hoping that the magistrate Court judge will sentence you to prison for between 25 - 30 years and with that she closed my cell door and went back to her desk

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